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Exclusive avant garde events

The producers and organisers of the exhibition are delighted to propose Revolutija – from Chagall to Malevich, from Repin to Kandinsky as an exclusive occasion to host private initiatives in a prestigious, refined ambience. The exhibition, which has international appeal and displays priceless works of art in an atmosphere suspended in time, can be a setting for customised events behind closed doors: exclusive corporate dinner parties, no-profit events, business meetings, galas or intimate gastronomic experiences, all with that special touch of an exceptional tour of the exhibition.

Partner hospitality

Revolutija includes

• exclusive private opening of the exhibition venue and exhibition
• guided tours (1 guide every 25 people)
• use of a special dinner or cocktail party area
• personnel for guest accreditation and supervision
• cleaning service


As well as

• catering, flowers, photographer, invitations and whatever is not mentioned above
• extra staff


For a customised estimate:

Via Solferino 38 – 40124 Bologna
T|F +39.051.330931

Marina Cadei

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