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Group guided tours

The learning activities involved are developed by the Dipartimento educativo MAMbo in collaboration with Senza titolo and bookings must be made through the exhibition’s official call centre. All the activities include a tour of the exhibition.

Rodchenko-Composizione non oggettiva

Aleksandr Rodčenko
Non-objective, 1918.
Oil on canvas; 71,5х52,8 cm
© State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

Min 15 / max 25 persone. 1 accompagnatore gratuito per gruppo.

Min 15 / max 25 persons. 1 person accompanying per group.

Guided tour for adults 100 € – Duration: 1 hr.
Foreign language guided tour for adults 120 € – Duration: 1 hr.
Ticket 10 € reduced price for groups.


Obligatory booking through the call center
Mond-Fri 8.30 – 18.00 // Sat 9.00-13.00


Except for primary schools, a microphone set and personal headphones must be used for guided tours. This service is included in the cost of the guided tour.
It is obligatory for groups with their own guide to rent the microphone set and headphones at a cost of 30 €.


Advance sales: 1,50 € on each ticket booked.

For adult groups

Russian avant-garde: the masterpieces
Duration 1hr

A guided tour of some of art’s masterpieces through which to explore the extraordinary artistic fervour in Russia in the early 20th century and learn about one of the most significant cultural revolutions of the time.

Russian avant-garde: the stars
Duration 1hr

A guided tour of the masterpieces of the Russian avant-garde tracing the fascinating lives of its stars, from private stories involving love and passion to those linked to history.

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