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Tours and workshops for schools

Guided tours, animated tours and workshops for all types of schools, to discover the masterpieces of the Russian Avant garde and the different ways in which the Revolution was depicted. Each route presents different interpretations which make the exhibition tour both educational and fun.


The learning activities involved are developed by the Dipartimento educativo MAMbo in collaboration with Senza titolo and bookings must be made through the exhibition’s official call centre. All the activities include a tour of the exhibition.

Kazimir Malevich
Suprematism, 1915.
Oil on canvas; 87,5х72 cm
© State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

School groups prices

Min 15 / max 26 persons. 2 persons accompanying per group.
– Guided, animated tour 80 € – Duration: 1 hr 15 min.
– Animated visit + workshop 95 € – Duration: 1 hr 30 min.
– Foreign language animated tour 90 € – Duration: 1 hr 15 min.
– Ticket 5 € reduced price for schools.


Obligatory booking through the call center.
Lun-Ven 8.30 – 18.00 // Sab 9.00-13.00

Except for primary schools, a microphone set and personal headphones must be used for guided tours.
This service is included in the cost of the guided tour.

It is obligatory for groups with their own guide to rent the microphone set and headphones at a cost of 30 €.


Advance sales: 1 € on each ticket booked for school groups.

School special

Guided Tour | Lower Secondary School and High School
Duration 1hr 15 min

An evocative journey from Europe to Russia, a return trip visiting Cubism, Futurism and Dadaism.

Poker of avant-gardes
Animated tour | Lower Secondary School and High School
Duration 1hr 15 min

When Rayonism appeared in Russia, what was going on in the rest of the world? A card game will involve boys and girls in investigating and recognising common themes and stylistic features by associating pictures and words.

Revolution is a sentiment
Animated tour | Lower Secondary School and High School
Duration 1hr 15 min

What is revolution and how many have there been throughout history? Art, science, philosophy, economics and society have always experienced huge transformations driven by the passion of visionary men and women. Through the path of the exhibition we build a personal and collective idea of revolution.

Tune into colours
Tour + workshop | Infant school (five-year-olds) and Primary School (first cycle)
Duration: 1hr 30 min

A sound for every shape, an exciting vibration for every colour, and a different rhythm for every line…a journey dedicated to the revolution of abstract art and Vasily Kandinsky, in which to have fun creating new compositions with the elements of his works; unusual sheets of music to play with avant-garde instruments.

Don’t be scared!
Tour + workshop | Primary School
Duration 1hr 30 min

From figures to pure abstraction, from representation of reality to purer and more absolute shapes expressed on canvas. Then a group action photographed from above to provide a souvenir of the experience.

Movement in movement
Tour + workshop | Lower Secondary School
Duration 1hr 30 min

The exhibition shows the artistic movements of the first half of the 20th century and then on to the workshop where different techniques, such as collage, printing and drawing are used to experiment together new ways of representing reality.

Total Art
Tour + workshop | Primary School (second cycle), Lower Secondary School, High School
Duration 1hr 30 min

The exhibition also displays theatrical scenery and costumes. In the workshop children explore the concept of a total work of art by designing original performances that involve art, theatre, music and literature.

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